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Zip Grip Go – Traction Aid



The Zip Grip Go is Zip Gripa brilliantly designed, easy to use, alternative traction device for snow and mud. They fit all rims up to 22″ on cars, vans, SUV & trucks. They are a must have for winter driving and everyone should have a set in their winter emergency kit. Buy a package or two of our Zip Grip Go cleated tire traction aids and you will not have the need for heavy metal snow chains anymore!

Zip Grip Go is an innovative traction aid for drivers who want or need the assurance of chains but prefer the convenience zip ties.  Zip Grip Go installs in just minutes. Designed to work best for driving you car, suv, pickup truck or van short distances and at slower speeds until you get to safety.

  • Gets your vehicle unstuck from mud, snow, or winter weather.
  • No need to carry heavy chains or hard to use applications.
  • Easy to install and keep in your trunk.
  • Zip Grip Go should be in vehicle every emergency kit.
  • Each Package includes 10 cleated ties with locking mechanisms
  • Fits rims up to 22″
  • Use at least 5 ties per tire.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions1 × 8 × 20 in