Ice-fishing-safety-jacket-with-floationNew for the 2011 Season– Total Safety -Ice Fishing Jacket. The jacket has flotation in it to hold up a 275 lb person, there are Ice Arm grips located on the bottom of the forearms to assist you out of the ice. There is 15 ft of webbing that is sew in the top of the left forearm ,this has a s hook on it so you can toss it to someone or hook something. The ice grips and the webbing have a protective velcro cover so not to be exposed when not in use. There is slots located in the shoulders for safety glow sticks and also a place for small flashlight. Total safety jacket is design for early or late ice. The sizes are lg and xl, but are cut big so you can wear a liner for more warmth if wearing threw the winter. Great way to be safe on the ice at all times. I would say if you are under 6 ft and weigh 200 of less try the lg. over that get the xl.

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