The Deep Freeze BlueTipz Wireless Alert Transmitter is a one of a kind alarm that attaches to any kind of ice fishing tip up. When your flag goes up the Blue Tipz system sends an alert to you on your smartphone. You will be notified that you have a fish on so there is no time wasted and less of a chance that you will lose the fish on your line!

It consumes no power when your flag is set down. The replaceable battery should last an average of 600 fish assuming that it will be running for about 2 minutes per strike.

-The super bright light is great for night fishing and being able to see which tip up is sending the alert.

-Great performance with up to 600 feet range.

-The transmitter clips to any tip-up flag.

-You can download the app for iPhone and Android and with it listen for your devices or any devices.


You can also order by calling us at:  763-551-1441 or 877-224-4899

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