Check out our unique selection of Ice Fishing Gear! Start gearing up with fresh new options for the 2023-2024 ice fishing season.

Jaws of Ice

The Jaws Of Ice Auger Carrier will keep your ice auger safe and secure on your ATV, UTV, Snowmobile any other off road vehicles. To mount your auger, just drop it into place, Lift and lock the “Jaws” closed and drive on to your next spot. Once you’re there, pull the release pin and the Jaws spring open and you can fishing.

Blue Tipz Wireless Alert

The Deep Freeze BlueTipz Wireless Alert Transmitter is a one of a kind alarm that attaches to any kind of ice fishing tip up. When your flag goes up the Blue Tipz system sends an alert to you on your smartphone. 

Ice Angel Anchor

self adjusting portable fish house shanty anchor designed to fit any typical ice fishing hole made by an auger to hold an ice shack, pop up tent or shanty.

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